Monday, October 13, 2008

Gosport Chapel

I performed an internship here while I was a senior in college. It's not that far from where we live--maybe five hours drive? But I really miss this place. It's the Isles of Shoales. It's been inhabited since the 1600's. Captain John Smith discovered it. It's just off the coast of Massachusetts and Maine. But the history on this group of eight islands is amazing. My internship was about whale watches, the trip to the islands was on the side, but I would like my family to experience this place by doing both the whale watch and the trip to Star Island. Gosport Chapel is located on Star Island, New Hampshire. There were Native American invasions, people swept off to sea, a family who succumbed to Yellow fever, who are buried here, and people who lived here supporting themselves on dryfish and fishing. There was even a famous murder. Not to mention the fire, the lighthouse and the artist colony. Anyway, it's just an amazing place. People from New Hampshire are very independent-minded, and the history of that goes back to the beginning of history here! What fun it was to explore this area!

Potty Training!

This is our latest project. Potty training! Zach knows how but much prefers wearing diapers, as he has told me! Oh, boy! Today he ran out of diapers and I put a pair of underwear on him and was back to using the potty within five minutes! What am I missing here?

The Wagon Ride

This is one of my favorite photos from this summer! Zach and his two other friends riding to the park one afternoon! The park is close to our house, but a little farther for his friends. Zach loves riding in their wagon!

Hello again!

Hi everyone! I just went to another terminal away from work, and ta-da! Here's my blog again! I just need to try some pictures then I'll be ready to roll! Thanks for your patience!